Mary and Jane in the raw – CBDA!

Mary and Jane have a special formula we use to make our products: Love = CBD-A + a dash of isolate. CBD-A is the natural non-psychoactive compound from which “CBD” is derived. We believe in all-naturelle! While CBD isolate (the stuff left over after CBD-A is processed through a non-enzymatic decarboxylation process…basically a heating process) is great, so are all the active compounds, terpenes, and cannabinoids that exist in the main form. During the heating process these compounds are eliminated leaving a lonely CBD to act alone but when CBD-A is cold pressed all the compounds are left in tact to synergistically work together called the “entourage effect”..Yay, intact health happy compounds working together and ready to heal your body. It’s better to work with friends than to work alone!

Haven’t you heard the saying don’t heat your veggies or they’ll lose much of their nutritional content? Well Cannabis is no different!  THCA & CBDA all the way!!