Pesky Caterpillars

Growing Cannabis outdoors can be a challenge with insects from the Lepidoptera family constantly in the boxing ring w you trying to take over. Inspecting your plants daily during low sun / high humidity starting at the top of each plant (where moths & butterflies have easiest access) searching for small sets of clustered different colored dots is vitally important in maintaining the health of your plants. When flowering look through all your buds esp the bigger ones since they are less compact and easily eaten by these segmented pests . If they have dark black parts this is a sign of rot and a call for help. There are a few good biodegradable/biological insect control products. Only use those non harmful naturally occurring products for treatment. Harmful toxic pesticides can cause unnecessary illness when ingested or inhaled. No need! Make sure to complete your treatment 15 days before harvest to ensure any traces of products used have been eliminated. Hang upside down, collect the remaining caterpillars fallen to the floor –>otherwise your space will be decorated with silky cocoons of gentle reminders of those little friends you made long the way in your growing season. 🚫 🐛🦋 👯 #plantaddict #plantpower #growyourown #grow #sisterbusiness #pesticidefree #noharmfulchemical #gardening #maryjane #maryandjane420 #noharm #cannabis #cannabisculture #hempheals #hemphealth #Hemp